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ISO 9001-2008 Quality Assurance System:
As a leader in quality with an ISO 9001-2008 certification, MLI's quality assurance system is governed by 3 principles:
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Quality through Process

In ensuring a rigid quality control process, each pellicle is assigned a serial number and can be easily traced throughout the entire production process. In addition to effective tracking methods, processes and testing methods that have been refined over years of experience have resulted in top quality pellicle products for nearly two decades.

Born Clean
Since the beginning of MLI, we have developed a very clean process for pellicle production. The cleanliness of our pellicles has continued to improve over the years through our efforts in automation, process enchancement and cleanroom upgrades. Our pellicles can be produced very cleanly with fully automatic film-generating lines and a very short assembly line in a Class 1 cleanroom. In addition, every component of our pellicle (such as glue, mounting adhesive, frame anodization and coating) has been continuously improved over the years.

Shipped Clean
When MLI first began manufacturing pellicles, we immediately identified particle contamination during shipping and handling as a primary concern. With this knowledge, we invented a pellicle package with an adhesive coating inside the box that would capature and hold any loose particles generated during shipping. In addition, we have also sealed the inside area of the pellicle with an adhesive-coated cover. This package had an immediate and very favorable reception by our customers. Focus on improving packaging and handling of our products is a task built into our daily operation.

Stays Clean
In its early days, in order to help keep our pellicles clean at customer sites, MLI used anti-static coatings on its pellicles. We later began to use a fluoropolymer anti-reflective coating (FP ARC) which was developed to improve transmission. Particles can be easily blown off of a pellicle membrane coated with our FP ARC, which has a very low surface energy. This advantage was immediately welcomed by our customers.